BCE 6ft Air Hockey Table

High Quality Air Hockey Table from Madfun If you didn’t know, Idealfun.co.uk is based near the south coast, a few miles outside of Brighton which is well known for many things, including the pier and its arcades. Even though arcades have come along way, with some incredible technology, graphics [...]

Exercise – Get Kids Fit and Healthy

Exercise for Kids – Health is Important For Life It doesn’t take much to realise that teens (well kids in general come to that) are exercising less and less. Even when I was a child, I would say I exercised more than many kids of today and back then, I was a very chubby kid until I changed my ways [...]
glastonbury climbing frame

Glastonbury Climbing Frame

Glastonbury Climbing Frame from Madfun Many of us remember going to the local park as a kid and playing on the swings, slides, sandpit and having a wicked time. One evening, I think I had more fun in one park than any other evening that year, quite a memorable occasion. So to get many of these fun [...]

Plastic Roller Wheel

Plastic Roller Wheel Now doesn’t this look fun? I don’t know about you, but I now want to be a kid again, just so I can have a go. This is the inflatable child-sized roller wheel available from many retails with a few listed below. Children can climb inside, and roll around with the colourful [...]
basketball net and stand

Basketball Freestanding Net and Stand

Free Standing Basketball Net These are extremely popular in the United States but kids in the UK still love a game of basketball, or at least dribbling the ball and shooting either on their own or with their dad or friends. Not only does bouncing and dribbling a basketball around a court or garden [...]
Flying Fish Nitro RC Drift Cars

Nitro RC Drift Cars – The Flying Fish Range

Nitro RC Drift Cars Available Online One of the most popular types of RC Cars has become the nitro rc drift cars, with Nitrotek having a pretty good range and these amazing vehicles such as the Flying Fish and Lamborghini and Phantom from Nissan. Here is a rundown on these, you can view the [...]
10ft Oval Trampolines for Sale

Trampolines for Sale in the UK

Trampolines for Sale – Ultimate Guide Big Toys for Big Fun!! Welcome our page on trampolines for sale and important information when you look to buy a trampoline. Idealfun is, a site from Madfun that has been designed to help you make the right decisions when looking to buy not only trampolines [...]

Parrot AV Drone 2.0

Parrot AV Drone 2.0 Information At Idealfun we love radio controlled toys such as nitro rc cars and helicopters, so we thought we would let you know about this fantastic PARROT AR DRONE 2.0 that you can buy in one of three different colour variations. Orange/Blue Orange/Yellow Orange/Green And [...]
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